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Total Nerd The Best Internet Reactions to the Star Wars Blu-Ray Changes  

Brian Gilmore
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For the highly anticipated Blu-Ray release of the Star Wars saga, George Lucas decided to add a famously horrible "Noooo" audio track to when Vader kills the Emperor, he's added to Obi Wan Kenobi's intro and he's made it so that the Ewoks have eyelids (so important). The internet, of course, exploded. Here are the best reactions from Reddit, Twitter and the viral web. If the new Star Wars blu-ray isn't included on your Star Wars Christmas list than you might want to check out these other cool Star Wars gift ideas.

Troll Lucas Improves The Scream

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The New Jabba's Palace Song from the Blu-Ray

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George Lucas Officially Dead To Us All (According to Wikipedia)


Patton Oswalt Reacts