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Into the Wild quotes are certainly quotable for movie fans. These are some of the best quotes from the survival film Into the Wild as determined by you and your votes. Directed by Sean Penn, Into the Wild told the true-life story of Chris McCandless and his experience in the Alaskan wilderness. Into the Wild is a film adaptation of Jon Krakauer's 1996 book, which itself was based on Kraukaur's 1993 original article in the magazine Outside. Released on October 19, 1997, the tagline for Into the Wild was "Your large adventure on Alaska."

What are the best Into the Wild quotes? Do you like when Christopher jotted down the line, "Happiness only real when shared"? Or do you like some of the lesser known lines from the film? Let it be known. Vote for your top Into the Wild quotes and watch them rise to the top of the list.

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Chris: [reading "I Now Go Back to May 1937" by Sharon Olds] "I see them standing at the formal gates of their colleges. I see my father strolling out under the ochre sandstone atch, the red tiles glinting like bent plates of blood behind his head. I see my mother with a few light books at her hip, standing at the pillar made of tiny bricks with the wrought-iron gates still open behind her, its sword-tips black in the May air. They are about to graduate. They are about to get married. They are kids. They are dumb. All they know is they are innocent, they would never hurt anybody. I want to go up to them and say, 'Stop, don’t do it. She's the wrong woman, he's the wrong man. You are going to do things you cannot imagine you would ever do. You are going to do bad things to children. You are going to suffer in ways you never heard of. You are going to want to die.' I want to go up to them there in the late May sunlight and say it. But I don't do it. I want to live. I take them up like the male and female paper dolls, and bang them together at the hips like chips of flint, as if to strike sparks from them. I say, 'Do what you are going to do and I will tell about it.'"
Carine: Who wrote that?
Chris: Well, could've been either one of us, couldn't it?
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Billie: Your father and I, we want to make a present to you.
Walt: We want to get you out of that junker.
Chris: What junker?
Billie: [points at Chris' car] That.
Walt: We want to buy you a new car.
Billie: That's right.
Chris: A new car? Why would I want a new car? Datsun runs great. Do you think I want some fancy boat? Are you worried what the neighbors might think?
Billie: Well, we weren't gonna get you a brand new Cadillac, Chris. We just want to get you a nice new car that's safe to drive. And you never know when that thing out there just might blow up.
Chris: Blow up! Blow up? Are you guys crazy? It's a great car. I don't need a new car. I don't want a new car. I don't want anything.
Billie: Okay.
Chris: These things, things, things, things.
Billie: Okay.
Walt: [to Billie] Everything has to be difficult.
Chris: Thank you.
Walt: [sarcastically] Thank you.
Billie: Maybe that's not what he means. Maybe he just wants his old car. It's not such a big deal.
Chris: Thank you. I just don't want anything.
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Rainey: So you're a leather now.
Alex: I'm a leather?
Jan: Yeah, a leather tramp. That's what they call the ones that hoof it, go on foot. Technically we're rubber tramps.
Rainey: Because we have a vehicle. [tries to put his arm around Jan] You don't have to push me away.
Jan: [to Rainey] Come on, please? Yeah, Alex could have a vehicle as well, but he decided to burn all of his money.
Rainey: And why did you do that?
Alex: I don't need money. Makes people cautious.
Jan: Come on, Alex. You gotta be a little cautious. I mean, that book of yours is cool and everything, but you can't depend entirely on leaves and berries.
Alex: I don't know if you want to depend on much more than that.
Jan: Where are your mom and dad?
Alex: Living their lies somewhere.
Jan: You look like a loved kid. Be fair.
Alex: Fair?
Jan: You know what I mean.
Alex: I'll paraphrase Thoreau here. "Rather than love, than money, than faith, than fame, than fairness, give me truth."
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Rainey: You're an industrious little fucker, aren't you?
Alex: Little bit.
Rainey: It's funny how things happen at particular times. I've loved that woman for a lot of years, bro. But, you know, she's got a story. We've been going through this thing, real quiet. So, when we ran into you yesterday, this thing that we've been going through real quiet, she's talking about it. You know what I mean?
Alex: I think I do.
Rainey: You think what?
Alex: Well... some people feel like they don't deserve love. They walk away quietly into empty spaces, trying to close the gaps to the past.
Rainey: That's a hell of an insight. Jesus! You're not Jesus, are you?
Alex: Look who's talking.
Rainey: You gonna walk across the water and get her back for me, pal?
Alex: Nah, I'm afraid of water. Always have been. Something I've gotta get over sometime though, huh? So, I will swim in it if you'll carry the firewood back to camp.
Rainey: Shit, yeah.
Alex: Yeah?
Rainey: Call it carried.