The Best Irish Beers

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This list of the best Irish beers in the world is made up of the greatest beers from Ireland. These are the top Irish beers manufactured and distributed from the land of green pastures. Ireland is well known as a drinker's paradise, much like many other surrounding European countries.

Surely everyone is aware of common Irish beer brands such as Guinness, Guinness, and Guinness, but did you know that there are other brewing companies based in Ireland? Time for a beer education! Other prolific breweries include Murphy's, Beamish, and Harp, each of which have been enriching the lives of Irish folk for years, filling their bellies with golden, crisp, full-bodied beer flavors for years. 

Even though Saint Patrick's day only rolls around once a year, it doesn't mean you shouldn't be drinking fine Irish draught in preparation every other day of the year. So let us all get prepared once again. What are the best drinking songs to go along with your Irish booze? Can you drink stout out of a potato and which brand of stout tastes the best in it? What other brewing companies does Guinness own? Which is the cheapest Irish beer? Which is the most popular Irish beer? Time to weigh in, before you're too sloshed to remember anything. And, if you think to do so before indulging in too many of the best beers from Ireland, make sure to add any of your favorite Irish beers to the list of the best Irish beers that may have been forgotten.
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