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The Best It Happened One Night Quotes

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It Happened One Night quotes are certainly quotable for movie fans. These are some of the best quotes from the pre-Code dramedy It Happened One Night as determined by you and your votes. Based on the short story "Night Bus" by Samuel Hopkins Adams, It Happened One Night centers on a socialite (Claudette Colbert) who falls for a local newspaper reporter (Clark Gable). The film was the first in Academy history to sweep all five major Oscar categories: Picture, Actor, Actress, Director, and Screenplay. Released on February 22, 1934, It Happened One Night was promoted with the tagline "Two great lovers of the screen in the grandest of romantic comedies!"

What are the best It Happened One Night quotes? Do you like when Peter explained, "I never did like the idea of sitting on newspapers. I did it once, and all the headlines came off on my white pants. On the level! It actually happened. Nobody bought a paper that day. They just followed me around over town and read the news on the seat of my pants"? Or do you like some of the lesser known lines from the film? Let it be known. Vote for your top It Happened One Night quotes and watch them rise to the top of the list.

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