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Funny, interesting or insightful quotes from Jason Calacanis, mainly taken from his podcast, "This Week in Startups." Calacanis is the founder of Silicon Alley Reporter, Weblogs Inc., Mahalo, This Week In and the LAUNCH conference, blog and newsletter.

Many of these quotes detail thoughts on being an entrepreneur and working in the tech industry, but many are also unrelated to these topics and simply reflect Jason's opinions about various diverse subjects. This is an Open List, so add your own favorite quotes at the bottom of the page!

Calacanis On Dedication

"Starting is easy. Finishing is hard."
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Calacanis On Advice for Entrepreneurs

"This is my best piece of advice for any entrepreneur... the first 80% is easy, the next 15% is hard and last five percent is painful."
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Calacanis On Participation

"participation means ougats!"

(NOTE: "Ougats" is Italian-American slang for something pointless or without value.)
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