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The Best Kids Folk Songs

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When it comes to the best kids folk songs, you need to know a minimum of three names: Pete Seeger, Lead Belly, and Ella Jenkins. This trio of outstanding musicians made famous some of the top kids folk music ever created. They are sing-along tunes that are easy for children to pick up, and many of these will probably be familiar to you.

These children’s folk songs are iconic and memorable. Who doesn’t remember the words to “She’ll Be Comin’ ‘Round the Mountain” or “Oh Susannah”? Plenty of these folk songs are not just for the kiddos, but they work well for younger listeners. The repetitive verses make for plenty of easy, fun group sing-alongs around campfires.

The vast majority of these famous kids folk songs are American, and many were written hundreds of years ago. The rich history of U.S. folk songs has allowed music teachers and camp counselors a wealth of good music to draw from. If you’re putting together a playlist, this kids’ folk songs list should help!

Watch the videos. Sing along, stomp your feet and clap your hands, and be sure to vote for your favorite folk songs for children.