The Best KPop Singers of All Time

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Who's the best singer in KPop? KPop is more than the goofiness of "Gangnam Style" and the fancy dance moves (Psst! Check out the best KPop dancers). In fact, more and more singers are performing on celebrity only talent shows like I am a Singer and Immortal Songs to show off their singing talent. From ballads to R&B (some have performed duets with R.Kelly, Amerie, and Missy Elliot), these KPop singers are truly considered the best!

K-pop idols like Junsu and Changmin are easily two of the best singers in all of K pop music, but who else has a great voices. These guys and gals have some serious pipes and their great voices are just part of why they're considered some of the biggest names in the K pop industry.

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