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The Best Kramer Vs. Kramer Quotes

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The best Kramer vs. Kramer quotes make you realize how great the movie really is, even if you haven't seen it in a while. Let's rank the greatest quotes from Kramer vs. Kramer, with the help of your votes. Starring Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep, Kramer vs. Kramer was directed by Robert Benton and released in 1979.

What is your favorite Kramer vs. Kramer quote? One memorable line was when Ted Kramer said, "You're no bargain either, pal! You are a spoiled, rotten little brat and I'll tell you right now..."  Another great line from Kramer vs. Kramer is, "I want my mommy!" spoken by Billy Kramer.

Vote up your top Kramer vs. Kramer quotes, regardless of which character they come from.

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    Walk Out On Your Kid

    Ted Kramer: Margaret, I just need to know something. Did you put Joanna up to this?
    Margaret Phelps: No, I did not put Joanna up to this.
    Ted Kramer: Give her a little pep talk, maybe?
    Margaret Phelps: Joanna is a very unhappy woman and it took a lot of courage to walk out this door.
    Ted Kramer: Really. How much courage does it take to walk out on your kid?


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      Pick You Up

      Billy Kramer: When's mommy coming back?
      Ted Kramer: I don't know, Billy, soon.
      Billy Kramer: How soon?
      Ted Kramer: Soon.
      Billy Kramer: Will she pick me up after school?
      Ted Kramer: Probably. And if she doesn't I will.
      Billy Kramer: What if you forget?
      Ted Kramer: I won't forget.
      Billy Kramer: What if you get run over by a truck and get killed?
      Ted Kramer: Then Mommy will pick you up.


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        Do You Like Fried Chicken

        Billy Kramer, Phyllis Bernard: Hi.
        Billy Kramer: What's your name?
        Phyllis Bernard: I'm Phyllis Bernard.
        Billy Kramer: Who?
        Phyllis Bernard: I'm a friend... uh, business associate of your father's... dad.
        Ted Kramer: Oh, Jesus.
        Billy Kramer: Do you like fried chicken?
        Phyllis Bernard: Fried chicken? Very much.
        Billy Kramer: So do I.
        Phyllis Bernard: Uhm... well, it's really... It's been nice seeing you and...
        Billy Kramer: Bye.
        Phyllis Bernard: Bye.
        Phyllis Bernard: Kramer, I just met your son.


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          Mommy's From Boston

          Ted Kramer: How was school today?
          Billy Kramer: Same as usual.
          Ted Kramer: Hey, I see the Knicks finally won a game, what do you know?
          Billy Kramer: I don't care.
          Ted Kramer: What do you mean?
          Billy Kramer: I like Boston.
          Ted Kramer: Boston? Why do you like Boston?
          Billy Kramer: 'Cause Mommy's from Boston.


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