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The Best Lash Serums  

Jessica L. Yarbrough
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There’s not a woman out there who doesn’t want longer, thicker lashes. If you’re a tried-and-true makeup junkie, chances are you’re constantly searching for ways to make your lashes look lusher, from length-boosting mascaras to prescription treatments like Latisse to lash serums. But most serums take a few weeks to a few months to show results - so how’s a girl find lash serums that actually work?

Simple: just scroll through this comprehensive list of best lash serums and you’re bound to find a formula you’re drawn to! From $6 drugstore steals to top-of-the-line luxury products, these are the top lash serums proven to actually lengthen, thicken, and grow your lashes.

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The clinical results don't lie: after 16 weeks of using LashFood, 85% of participants saw fuller lashes, a full 100% said their lashes looked longer and denser, and 0% experienced irritation.


Need proof that Grandelash is the only lash serum you need in your life? This beauty expert from Into The Gloss swears by it, saying her friend tried it and "it made the biggest difference for her. Like, right away. Within a week and a half, two weeks, her lashes were so long. Unbelievable, to the point where she had to cut them, they were growing so much."


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Not ready to invest in an expensive lash-boosting serum? No biggie. Rimmel's Lash Accelerator Serum is less than $10 and gets the job done.

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This serum brings your eyelashes to "pro" status: it promotes growth, protects lashes, and provides key nutrients to keep your lashes healthy and long.