The Best Latinx Comic Book Characters

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Latinx comic book characters are more prominent now than ever before! Not only are more Latin countries represented with the increased presence of Latinx heroes and villains, but the characters themselves are larger and more important, with vital roles to play in their universes. One of several Captain Americas in the Marvel Universe is Latin American. Even the new Spider-Man, Miles Morales, is half Puerto Rican.

Latinx characters have long been an important part of comics (just look at Zorro, one of the prototypical masked heroes), but now they really have their time to shine. As both heroes (Green Lantern, Blue Beetle, Ronin, Goldballs) and villains (Bane, Machete, Tarantula).  There are even multiple Latino Spider-Men and Spider-Women slinging webs in the Spider-Verse.

These are the best Latinx comic book characters in the funny pages, including superheroes, supervillains, and everything in between. Vote up your favorites!