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The Best A League of Their Own Quotes

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The best A League of Their Own quotes make you realize how great the movie really is, even if you haven't seen it in a while. Let's rank the greatest quotes from A League of Their Own, with the help of your votes. Starring Geena Davis, Tom Hanks, and Madonna, A League of Their Own was directed by Penny Marshall and released in 1992.

What is your favorite A League of Their Own quote? One memorable line was when Dottie Hinson said, "Yeah. It is only a game, Jimmy. It's only a game, and, and, I don't need this. I have Bob; I don't need this. At all." Another great line from A League of Their Own is, "Sh*t, Dottie, if you want to go back to Oregon and make a hundred babies, great, I'm in no position to tell anyone how to live. But sneaking out like this, quitting, you'll regret it for the rest of your life. Baseball is what gets inside you. It's what lights you up, you can't deny that," spoken by Jimmy Dugan.

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    30 At The Dairy

    Ernie Capadino: Ow. Doesn't that hurt them?
    Dottie Hinson: Doesn't seem to.
    Ernie Capadino: Well, it would bruise the hell out of me.
    Dottie Hinson: Can I help you with something?
    Ernie Capadino: I'm Ernie Capadino. I'm a baseball scout. I saw you playing today. Not bad, not bad. You ever heard of Walter Harvey, makes Harvey bars - you know, the candy?
    Dottie Hinson: Yeah. We feed them to the cows when they're constipated.
    Ernie Capadino: That's the guy. He's starting a girls' baseball league, so he can make a buck while the boys are overseas. Wanna play?
    Dottie Hinson: Huh?
    Ernie Capadino: Nice retort. Tryouts are in Chicago. It's a real league, professional.
    Kit Keller: Professional - baseball?
    Ernie Capadino: Mmm-hmm. They'll pay you 75 dollars a week.
    Kit Keller: We only make 30 at the dairy.
    Ernie Capadino: Well then, this would be more, wouldn't it?


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      I'm Nothing Here

      Kit Keller: Come on, Dottie. You've got the whole rest of your life to hang around here. Never go anywhere, never do anything...
      Dottie Hinson:Look, I'm married, I'm happy. That's what I want, so let's not confuse things.
      Kit Keller: Okay...But can't you do this first? Just so you can say you once did something? Something special? Huh?
      Mrs. Keller: For goodness sake, Kit! Keep your voice down! Your father's listening to the radio!
      Kit Keller: Please, Dottie. I gotta get outta here...I'm nothing here.


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        Ain't Seen your Bosoms

        Mae Mordabito: What if at a key moment in the game my, my uniform bursts open and, uh, oops, my bosoms come flying out? That, that might draw a crowd, right?
        Doris Murphy: You think there are men in this country who ain't seen your bosoms?


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          No Crying

          Jimmy: Evelyn, could you come here for a second? Which team do you play for?
          Evelyn: Well, I'm a Peach.
          Jimmy: Well I was just wonderin', 'cause I couldn't figure out why, you throw home when we got a two-run lead! You let the tying run get to second, and we lost the lead because of you. You start using your head. That's the lump that's three feet above your ass.
          [Evelyn starts crying]
          Jimmy: Are you crying? Are you crying? Are you crying?! There's no crying! There's no crying in baseball!
          Doris: Why don't you leave her alone, Jimmy?
          Jimmy: Oh, you zip it, Doris! Rogers Hornsby was my manager and he called me a talking pile of pig shit! And that was when my parents drove all the way down from Michigan to see me play the game! And did I cry?
          Evelyn: No, no, no.
          Jimmy: No! And do you know why?
          Evelyn: No.
          Jimmy: Because there's no crying in baseball. There's no crying in baseball! No crying!


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