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The Greatest Memes to Come from Leo's Oscar Win

For the last decade, keyboard cowboys (i.e. people who are good at the Internet) have been dining out on Leonardo DiCaprio’s failure to win an Oscar. But after his victory at the 88th Academy Awards, we all had to go back to the drawing board to create new Leo memes that will stand the test of time (or until he falls off a bicycle). These are the best Academy Awards memes that feature Leonardo DiCaprio and that sweet, sweet golden statue.

Even if you’re not a Leo fan, you can appreciate all of the hours of Photoshop that went into some of these hilarious Oscars memes. Whether Leo’s holding an Oscar on the Titanic, or giving a reverse bear hug (pun intended) to the director of The Revenant, these pics and videos are the beginning of a new era of Leonardo DiCaprio memes. And frankly, the world is better for it.

Even if the award was probably given to him to make up for all the times he got shafted, and not for his stellar performance as a frozen hunter, it was well deserved. We may have to say goodbye to all the “Leo has no Oscar” memes, but at least we'll have these new Leo jokes to sustain us.

Check out all the best Leo memes from the Oscars, and make sure you leave a comment about how he's the king of the world or the fact that The Beach was a totally underrated film.
Photo: flickr / CC0