The Greatest TV Shows About and For LGBTQ+ Teens

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Vote up the best shows -both scripted and unscripted - for and about teens with LGBTQ+ themes and characters.

The best TV shows for teens reflect the world teens live in now - not what their parent's generation remembers being a teen is like - and part of that are shows starring queer and gay teen characters who have larger story arcs than "comes out as queer." The best LGBTQ+ teen shows range from dark and soapy dramas to lighthearted love stories, as well they should because the teen experience encompasses that range as well. This list of shows about LGBTQ+ teens focuses on shows with main characters who are gay, trans, or otherwise queer, and is ranked from the best to the worst, based on votes from the Ranker community. Thanks to you, we can find the very best TV shows about and for LGBTQ+ teens.

One of the most popular teen shows with LGBTQ+ main characters is Euphoria, which has an audience that runs the range of ages from people barely out of high school to their grandparents - and even if older folks think the storylines are kind of intense, it's a show that speaks with familiarity about Generation Z. Other great LGBTQ+ teen dramas include We Are Who We Are and I Am Not Okay With This but for lighthearted options shows such as Never Have I Ever and Heartstopper serve up plenty of sweet and funny stories staring LGBTQ+ teens.

What are television's best gay teen shows? Vote up the shows for and about LGBTQ+ teens you think are the best and see where your favorite shows rank.