The Best Live Action Remakes of Animated Films

There is nothing like the classic fairy tale. The story can be told and retold countless times to new audiences with the same desired effect - transporting them to magical lands far, far away. A new way to repurpose these classic stories is to show them on the big screen. But while animated fairy tales were the norm in the past, a newer trend in movie making seeks to refashion animated films into a live action movies. These are the best live action versions of animated films.

Disney knows there is a huge market for live action remakes of their classic animated movies. Cinderella, Maleficent, and Alice in Wonderland were all box office successes. Not only did adults recapture the magic of their childhood with actors like Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie, but younger audiences got to experience these films, some for the first time, with new technological advances that add to the magic of their stories.

Expect this trend of turning animated classics into live action remakes to continue. Several Disney live-action remakes have already been announced - like Pinocchio starring Robert Downey Jr. as Geppetto. But not all live action remakes knock it out of the park. Be sure to vote up the ones that you love the most.

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