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films The Best Looney Tunes Cartoons  

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This is a list of what I consider to be the very best of a collective of some of the funniest, most creative animation done, ever. In fact, in the world of 7 minutes, no one has or ever will be as good as the guys at Termite Terrace in the 40s, 50s and 60s. A list of the best Looney Tunesc cartoons is exactly as hard and subjective as it sounds, and so I open the list to the public. Add what you think is missing and vote on what you think are the best. I know it's hard. God, I know. So...much...funny.
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Duck Amuck

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Duck Amuck is a surreal animated cartoon directed by Chuck Jones and produced by Warner Bros. Cartoons. The short was released in early 1953 by The Vitaphone Corporation, the short subject division of Warner Bros. Pictures, as part of the Merrie Melodies series. It stars Daffy Duck, who is tormented ...more

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Duck! Rabbit, Duck! is a 1953 Merrie Melodies comedy cartoon, directed by Chuck Jones, and starring Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Elmer Fudd. It is the sequel to Rabbit Seasoning, and the third and final entry in Jones' "Hunting trilogy". Produced by Eddie Selzer for Warner Bros. Cartoons, Inc., the ...more

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Duck Dodgers in the 24½ᵗʰ Century is a Merrie Melodies cartoon created in 1952 and released on July 25, 1953, starring Daffy Duck as space hero Duck Dodgers, Porky Pig as his assistant, and Marvin the Martian as his opponent. Marvin the Martian had been introduced as an unnamed villain in Haredevil ...more

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Rabbit Fire

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Rabbit Fire is a 1951 Looney Tunes cartoon starring Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Elmer Fudd. Directed by Chuck Jones and written by Michael Maltese, the short is notable for being the first film in Jones' "hunting trilogy"—the other two films being Rabbit Seasoning and Duck! Rabbit, Duck!. It is also ...more

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