Mark Hamill Quotes That Will Definitely Awaken Your Force

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Out of all the actors who made their name in the original Star Wars films, Mark Hamill is perhaps the most lovable of them all. After finding fame as Luke Skywalker, the actor has appeared in a variety of other starring roles. These include stints on stage, appearances in musicals, and some infamous incarnations of villains like the Joker. Throughout them all, Hamill has managed to be not only a great role model for all of his fans but also a shining example to others in the industry. He demonstrates, perfectly, how one should interact with the public both online and in real life.

Throughout a career filled with fascinating behind-the-scenes stories, the actor has made many memorable quotes. With the advent of Twitter and other social media sites, it is even easier for people to see some of the best things that Mark Hamill has said over the years. Take a look at these uplifting and funny quotes from the star. They will probably make your day that much better.

  • 1. He Needs Some Dialogue

    He Needs Some Dialogue
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  • 2. Luke Wasn’t As Upset About His Aunt And Uncle As it Seemed At First

    Luke Wasn’t As Upset About His Aunt And Uncle As it Seemed At First
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  • 3. Just Wondering

    Just Wondering
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  • 4. Putting Fame Into Perspective

    Putting Fame Into Perspective
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  • 5. Father Troubles

    Father Troubles
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  • 6. His Agent Definitely Earns His Pay

    His Agent Definitely Earns His Pay
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