The Best Mars Movies Of All Time

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More than 1,100 movie fans have come together to cast their votes for the best Mars movies. With a rich legacy of sci-fi films inspired by the red planet, these are some of the most beloved titles in cinematic history. From thrilling interplanetary adventures to captivating explorations of human emotion and morality, these Mars movies provide an entertaining escape from reality while still offering plenty of food for thought.

From classics such as Total Recall and Red Planet to more recent hits like The Martian and Ad Astra, there's something here for everyone who loves science fiction stories set on Mars. These films explore a variety of themes ranging from terraforming experiments gone wrong to mysterious civilizations harboring ancient secrets beneath the surface. They also feature stunning visuals that help bring this distant world closer to home with each passing scene.

So why not check out our list below, vote up your favorites, and get ready for a trip beyond Earth? Whether you’re looking for intense action or philosophical musings about life in space, you're sure to find something worth watching among these top-ranked Mars movies.

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