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The Best Marvel Comics Movies

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List RulesMovies must be based on comics published by Marvel

A voter-ranked list of live action, theatrical movies based on Marvel Comics. These are films that star Marvel characters and take place within the Marvel Universe. While Marvel Comics began in the late 1930's and entered its modern incarnation in the early 1960's, movies based on Marvel Comics did not really start being made until the turn of the century. While there had been a few flops and low budget films made, it wasn't until Bryan Singer's "X-Men" that Hollywood really took notice. Since then, many of the best Marvel movies have gone on to become blockbusters. If you're interested only in the Disney Marvel movies, then check out this list of the top Marvel Cinematic Universe movies.

Marvel's relationship with Hollywood culminated in 2009 when The Walt Disney Company purchased Marvel Entertainment for $4.2 billion. What are the best Marvel movies? The top ten marvel comic movies on this list are generally considered to be the best, but if you have different favorites, you can make your own version of this list. If you are a marvel comics fan, create your own Marvel film list to share with your friends.
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