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The Best Marvel Costume Adaptations Ever

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Comic books thrive on bright colors, exciting action, and awesome costumes. You can tell a lot about a hero or a villain by their super garb.

We know the design and illustrations that go into making up our favorite comic heroes is an art form. Likewise, the costume designers who construct tangible, wearable designs from their own imaginations is also an art.

These are those artists who create magic with their hands and sewing machines — these are the best Marvel costume adaptation and great costumes from Marvel movies and Marvel TV shows.


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    Thor — Thor: Dark World

    A literal god with a red cape, metal sleeves, large, chest orbs, and a quasi-viking helmet looking great on screen was simply incredible.
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    Ant-Man — Ant-Man

    Marvel Studios always finds a way to stay true to the original costumes from the comic books, while updating each costume to be more tactical and believable in today's world. Ant-Man's costume is no different. 
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    Loki — Thor

    Green god of mischief, with giant gold horns and ornate metal trimming over his costume. This transition to the real world was magic.

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    Star-Lord — Guardians Of The Galaxy

    One of those rare "took the idea of the character and threw a lot away" situations that actually worked out. Star-Lord has had so many looks over the years, none ever being consistent. So they took the energy of the character, the feel of the universe they were creating, added the important elements and made an icon.

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