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The Best 'Megamind' Quotes

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Megamind quotes are certainly quotable for movie fans. These are some of the best quotes from the animated film Megamind as determined by you and your votes. The story centers on the villain Megamind and his battle with superhero Metro Man, whom he finally one day defeats. Released on November 5, 2010, the tagline for Megamind was "A superhero movie with a mind of its own."

What are the best Megamind quotes? Do you like Megamind's philosophical thinking, "There's a benefit to losing: You get to learn from your mistakes"? Or do you like some of the lesser known lines from the film? Let it be known. Vote for your top Megamind quotes and watch them rise to the top of the list.

  • Yelling At My Mother's Urn
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    Megamind: What on earth is that?
    Minion: It seems to be emanating from there, sir. [points to Megamind's pants]
    [Megamind pulls out the cell phone from his back pocket and answers it]
    Megamind: Ollo...
    Minion: It's "hello".
    Megamind: Oh. [speaking into the cell phone] Hello? [to Minion] Like that?
    Roxanne: Bernard, it's Roxanne.
    Megamind: [whispering to Minion] It's Roxanne!
    Roxanne: I just want to thank you for inspiring me the other day.
    Megamind: Oh! You inspired me too.
    Roxanne: Great. It's time we stood up to Megamind and show him he can't push us around.
    Megamind: Oh! Oh, really? [whispers to Minion] She's so cute!
    Roxanne: I'm already hot on his trail.
    Megamind: Uh-huh. And what gives you that idea?
    Minion: Uh, sir?
    Roxanne: I just found his secret hide out!
    [Roxanne's face appears on the security TV screens]
    Megamind: [shouting] How did she find my hideout? [back onto the cell phone] Uh, how did you find his hideout?
    Roxanne: This is the only building in Metro City with a fake observatory on the roof.
    Megamind: [to Minion] Okay. There's no way she'll find the secret entrance.
    Roxanne: [gasps excitedly] There's a doormat here that says "Secrit Entrance"!
    Megamind: [turns around angrily] Minion!
    Minion: I kept forgetting where it was.
    Megamind: She’ll discover all our secrets! You dimwitted creation of SCIENCE!
    Roxanne: What?
    Megamind: What? Oh no, not you, Roxanne; no, I was just yelling at my... mother's urn.
  • Hal: What's going on?
    Megamind: [disguised as Jor-El] Easy, my child.
    Hal: Who are you?
    Megamind: I sent you to this planet to teach you about justice, honor, and nobility. I am your father.
    Hal: So, you're, like, my Space Dad?
    Megamind: Yeah. I'm like your Space Dad.
    Hal: [sees Minion, who is dressed in mother clothes] And, you are what?
    Minion: I'm your Space Stepmom. I've had some work done recently.
    Hal: Is this some kind of dream?
    Megamind: This is a dream come true. You've been blessed with unfathomable powers.
    Hal: What kind of power?
    Megamind: Unfathomable. It's, uh, without fathom.
    Hal: Whoa.
  • Didn't Go To The Same School
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    [Roxanne and Megamind disguised as Bernard are having a picnic]
    Roxanne: Okay, okay. Metro Man and I were never a couple.
    Megamind: But I thought you two...
    Roxanne: I know, everybody did, it's just he was never really my type.
    Megamind: Really?
    Roxanne: Yeah. Okay, now you tell me something. Something you've never told anyone.
    Megamind: Well, in shh...school none of the other kids really liked me. I was always the last one picked for everything.
    Roxanne: Mmm, it's too bad that we didn't go to the same school.
  • Megamind: [gives present as 'space dad'] Hal, I think you're ready for this.
    Hal: [pulls out small costume] Do I have a son?
    Megamind: No. You make me laugh. It stretches. It's for you.
    Hal: Hey, what's the T stand for?
    Megamind: Titan.
    Hal: Titan? What's that supposed to mean?
    Megamind: It was the only name I could trademark.
    Hal: Oh.
    Megamind: Do you have someone special in your life, Hal?
    Hal: No, not yet. But, there's this really, really good-looking one I've got my eye on currently.
    Megamind: That's very good. Romance is very inspiring.
    Hal: That's what I hear.
    Megamind: All you have to do is save her and she'll be yours.
    Minion: Who wants churros?
    Megamind: I do!
    Hal: I do, yeah.
    Megamind: Churros all the way around.
    Hal: Thanks, Space Stepmom.
    Megamind: On the count of three, unsheathe your churro. One, two, three!
    All three: To Titan!
    Megamind: Tomorrow, you will fight Megamind, and the city will know your name!