The Best Men's Fashion Magazines

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A list of the best fashion magazines for men. Magazines for the fashionable man have grown in numbers over the last few years. While bookstores and newsstands were once dominated by popular women's mags such as Vogue and Marie Claire, publications geared towards the stylish man are taking up as much shelf space. Ever since magazines came to prominence, men have gravitated towards lifestyle publications focusing on sports, cars, hot women and technology. That began to change in 1931 after GQ magazine released its first issue, focusing on retail clothing and fashion-based content. The success of GQ paved the way for more men's fashion magazines to emerge. Esquire launched two years later in 1933 and offered a more refined and sophisticated take on men's style.

Today, men's magazines such as VMAN and Vogue Hommes International showcase the latest male collections from top designers Tom Ford, Raf Simons and Givenchy as well as featuring Hollywood celebrities and supermodels on the cover. Publications inspired by GQ and Esquire soon popped up in the fashion capitals of the world, including Paris, Tokyo and Milan. There are several high-fashion magazines for men that are published outside of the U.S. like Numero Homme in France, Grind in Japan and Hercules in Spain. Here in America, men's lifestyle publications are dedicating more pages to fashion due to its increasing popularity. Love reading about the latest styles? Vote on the list of the top men's fashion magazines below and add your favorites.
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