The Best Military Movies Ever Made

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Vote up your favorite movies about war, soldiers, boot camp, combat, and military conflicts.

Good military films give civilians a taste of what our troops go through on the battlefield and throughout their daily lives. While not all of these films feature war, they are all based on military service as a central theme. All branches of the United States military are represented, although admittedly, fewer films have been made about the Coast Guard. Most of these Hollywood films focus on the Army, Navy, and Air Force. All time periods have been included from recent, modern militaries to the armies of the past. A few movies about armed forces from other countries, as well as fictional guerilla forces, are also on this list. If you are interested in the military, then these are the movies for you.

What are the best movies about soldiers, sailors, marines, and military pilots? We're pretty sure that all of the top military movies are on this list but feel free to rerank it so all your favorites are on top.

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