The Best Minute Maid Flavors

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Minute Maid has a unique legacy in the beverage world. The Coca-Cola-owned company was the first to market orange juice concentrate, an innovation that made their juices and other beverages easier to distribute across the globe. Even the name refers to orange juice concentrate, implying that this type of product is extremely quick and easy to prepare. Perhaps because of that forward thinking, Minute Maid is now the world's largest marketer of fruit juices.

The best-known types of Minute Maid beverages are, of course, orange juices. But Minute Maid flavors go far beyond this breakfast favorite. This list of Minute Maid flavors encompasses every kind of beverage made by the company, from refreshing favorites like pink lemonade and ruby red grapefruit juice, to more unusual blends like tomato juice, aloe juice, and apple nectar. This list even includes a few types of Minute Maid drinks that are only available in specific countries or regions. But all of them came from that initial invention: orange juice concentrate.

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