The Best MMORPG Games of All Time

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The best video games in the massively multiplayer online role-playing game genre.
My top 20 MMORPGs of the last two decades.

  • World of Warcraft
    17 votes
    Organizing, experiencing and beating a 40 person raid. Awesomeness!
  • Flying mounts!
  • Guild Wars 2
    7 votes
    Personally didn't find it as fun as the first. Still a Great game though.
  • EverQuest
    15 votes
    Huge blocky action.
  • Eve Online
    4 votes
    There's almost too much too do. If you can avoid the ganking packs.
  • After the changes brought in with the Revan Returns update this has actually become more of what the game was meant to be. It can now get a place on my best of list.