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The Best Monsters Vs. Aliens Quotes

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Monsters vs. Aliens quotes are certainly quotable for movie fans. These are some of the best quotes from the 3D computer-animated film Monsters vs. Aliens as determined by you and your votes. Released in 2009 by Paramount Pictures and produced by Dreamworks Animation, Monsters vs. Aliens was the first feature film to be produced from the start in 3D. In the film, a meteorite transfers a woman into a giant, after which she joins a U.S. government-sponsored monster team to battle back a group of invading aliens. Released on March 27, 2009, the tagline for Monsters vs. Aliens was "When aliens attack, monsters fight back."

What are the best Monsters vs. Aliens quotes? Do you like when the news reporter remarked, "Once again, a UFO has landed in America, the only country UFOs ever seem to land in"? Or do you like some of the lesser known lines from the film? Let it be known. Vote for your top Monsters vs. Aliens quotes and watch them rise to the top of the list.

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    Mama Dietl: One thumb's shorter than the other. It runs in the family.
    Susan: Derek doesn't have that--
    Mama Dietl: Ah, it skips a generation. But your kids are gonna have it! [laughs maniacally]
  • Dr. Cockroach: [about B.O.B.] Forgive him, but as you can see, he has no brain.
    B.O.B.: Turns out, you don't need one! Totally overrated! As a matter of fact, I don't even have to... [starts gasping for air] I forgot how to breathe! Help me, Dr. Cockroach!
    Dr. Cockroach: [exasperated] Suck in, B.O.B.
    B.O.B.: [breathes normally] Thanks, Doc. You're a lifesaver.
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    Missing Link: She's speechless!
    B.O.B.: "She"?!
    Dr. Cockroach: Yes, B.O.B., we are in the presence of a rare female monster.
    B.O.B.: No way, it's a boy! Look at his boobies!
    [Awkward silence]
    Missing Link: We need to have a talk.
    Dr. Cockroach: Gentlemen, I'm afraid we're not making a very good first impression.
    Missing Link: Well, at least I'm talking! First new monster in years, and we couldn't get, like, a wolfman or a mummy? You know, someone I can play cards with.
    Dr. Cockroach: Might we ask for your name, madam?
    Susan: Susan.
    B.O.B.: No, no, no, we mean your monster name. What do people scream when they see you coming? You know, like "Look out! Here comes..."?
    Susan: Susan.
    Dr. Cockroach: Really?
    B.O.B.: [spookily] "Suuuusaaan!" Ooh, I just scared myself! That is scary!
  • Susan: [meeting General Monger] Oh, thank goodness! A real person! [notices his jetpack] You are a real person, right? You're not one of those half-person, half-machine whatever you call those things?
    General W.R. Monger: A cyborg?
    Susan: [panicked] Oh, no! YOU'RE A CYBORG!
    General W.R. Monger: Ma'am, I can assure you I am not a cyborg. The name is General Warren R. Monger. I'm in charge of this facility.