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One of Robin's best roles in his career, these are the funniest Mrs. Doubtfire quotes from the legendary comedy. Mrs. Doubtfire is an absolutely hilarious story about a voice actor who disguises himself as an older woman to spend time with his kids after a divorce. Robin Williams uses all his comedic talents to the fullest as he does multiple impressions in his dual role as the matronly Mrs. Doubtfire and the boisterous Daniel. There are a lot of great quotes from Mrs. Doubtfire and we want you to vote for your favorites. 

Mrs. Doubtfire won an Academy Award for Best Makeup, which it certainly should have. Some of the best Mrs. Doubtfire quotes come when Daniel is trying to disguise himself, including one very funny scene where his mask is coming off. Let us know what your favorite quote from Mrs. Doubtfire is by upvoting your top picks below. Videos are included when possible so you can watch the scene that the quotes is in.
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I Used To Be One

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Daniel: Yeah, my name is Elsa Emmelman, and I want to know how many children do you have.

Miranda: I have two girls and a boy.

Daniel: Oh, a boy... I don't "werk" with the males, 'cause I used to be one.

Miranda: Yikes!

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Mrs. Doubtfire: Can you help me with something, I found this outside.

Stu: Uh, yes, this is off my, uh, Mercedes.

Mrs. Doubtfire: Off your Mercedes, dear, you own that big expensive car out there? Oh, dear. Well, they say a man who has to buy a big car like that is trying to compensate for smaller genitals.

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I'm Ready for my Close Up

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Daniel: I feel like Gloria Swanson.Frank: You look like her mother.Daniel: I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille.
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Run-By Fruiting?

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Stu:  What can I say, Ron? The guy's a loser. See ya.Mrs. Doubtfire: Loser? Oh, yeah.POW!
Mrs. Doubtfire: Oh, sir. I saw it! Some angry member of the kitchen staff, Did you not tip them? Oh, the terrorists! They ran that way. It was a run-by fruiting. I'll get them, sir. Don't worry.