The Best Names For Baby Girls

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The best names for baby girls include all the best classic girls' names and the new, edgy girls' names for your baby. There's a chance that some of these baby names for girls will fall into the crazy celebrity baby names category, but there are also plenty of traditional baby names for girls.

Among the top names for girls are standards like Elizabeth, Violet, and Sarah, as well as some new favorites like Isabella, Cheyenne, and Piper. Whether you're looking for the most common names for girls or the trendiest baby girl names, this list of girls' names should give you an idea of what the kids that go to school with your future child will be called.

What are the most common baby girl names? What are the coolest girls' names? What should I name my baby girl? If you've asked any of these questions about baby names, this list of the greatest baby names for girls is a good place to look for names for babies. If you don't see your favorite name for a baby girl on the list, make sure to add it so others can weigh in on whether it really is the best name for a baby girl.

If it just so happens that you end up with twins (or more!), it's worth looking at the list of best baby names for twins.
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