The Best Napoleonic War Movies Ever Made

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Here is a list of the best films depicting the era of Napoleon in Europe include films about the Napoleonic war and the battle of waterloo. The Napoleonic Era is technically the fourth stage of the French Revolution, the chaotic series of events that started in the summer of 1789 with the Tennis Court Oath and the Storming of the Bastille prison. It begins in 1799 with General Napoleon Bonaparte's coup of 18 Brumaire, replacing the French Government with a Consulate and ends with Bonaparte's defeat at Waterloo in 1815.

Napoleon's various invasions and occupations across Europe during this time - including Germany, Russia, Austria, Spain and Italy - inspired many of these films, creating a general air of unpredictability and anxiety across the continent. Some of the likewise directly deal with the military side of Napoleon's Empire, such as The Duellists (which follows two French officers in Napoleon's army) and Master and Commander (about the crew of a British warship following an ambush by a French privateer.)

What are the best Napoleon movies? This is an Open List, so if you notice any great Napoleonic Era movies missing, add them at the bottom of the page. And be sure to vote for your favorite films to push them to the top of the list!

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  • Waterloo
    Orson Welles, Christopher Plummer, Rod Steiger
    510 votes
    • Released: 1970
    • Directed by: Sergei Bondarchuk
    Waterloo is a 1970 Soviet-Italian film directed by Sergei Bondarchuk and produced by Dino De Laurentiis. It depicts the story of the preliminary events and the Battle of Waterloo, and is famous for ...more
  • Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
    Russell Crowe, Paul Bettany, Billy Boyd
    510 votes
    • Released: 2003
    • Directed by: Peter Weir
    In 1805, aboard the H.M.S. Surprise, the brash Captain Jack Aubrey (Russell Crowe) and his trusted friend, the ship's scholarly surgeon, Stephen Maturin (Paul Bettany), are ordered to hunt down and ...more

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  • The Duellists

    The Duellists

    Keith Carradine, Harvey Keitel, Albert Finney
    282 votes
    • Released: 1977
    • Directed by: Ridley Scott
    Armand d'Hubert (Keith Carradine) and Gabriel Féraud (Harvey Keitel) are French soldiers under Napoleon. A trivial quarrel between d'Hubert and Féraud escalates into a lifelong grudge, and, as war ...more

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  • Napoléon
    John Malkovich Christian Clavier Isabella Rossellini Gérard Depardieu Alexandra Maria Lara
    161 votes
    • Released: 2002
    • Directed by: Yves Simoneau
    Napoleon is a historical miniseries which explored the life of Napoleon Bonaparte. In 2002, it was the most expensive television miniseries in Europe, costing the equivalent of $US46,330,000 to ...more
  • Captain Horatio Hornblower R.N.
    Gregory Peck, Virginia Mayo, Robert Beatty
    179 votes
    • Released: 1951
    • Directed by: Raoul Walsh
    Capt. Horatio Hornblower (Gregory Peck) helms the HMS Lydia for a treacherous transatlantic mission near the dawn of the 19th century, during which his faithful crew battle both a Spanish warship and ...more

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  • War and Peace
    Audrey Hepburn, Henry Fonda, Mel Ferrer
    175 votes
    • Released: 1956
    • Directed by: King Vidor
    In the years leading to Napoleon's invasion, members of the Russian aristocracy face a myriad of personal tragedies. After his father dies, Count Pierre Bezukhov (Henry Fonda), a friend of Prince ...more

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