The Best New CBS TV Shows of the Last Few Years

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Vote up the best CBS series that have premiered on or after January 1, 2019.

From expanding the Star Trek universe with with Short Treks to creating a successful reboot of The Twilight Zone with new episodes directed by Jordan Peele, some of the best new TV series on CBS made their premiere during or after 2019. This list details some of the top new series CBS has put out in the past few years. With the addition of CBS All Access series, the shows from CBS offer something for everybody.


What shows will you find on this list? Bob Hearts Abishola is a lighthearted sitcom about a middle aged man trying to win the heart of a hardworking immigrant nurse despite their vastly different backgrounds. For something more serious, try the Stephen King adaptation The Stand. Other good new CBS shows include Love Island, All Rise, and Ghosts.

Which new CBS show do you like the best? Give your favorite series a thumbs up and add anything you feel is missing.