The Best New HBO Shows of the Last Few Years

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Latest additions: Savior Complex, The Big Soirée, The Golden Boy
Most divisive: Our Flag Means Death

Continuing in the spirit of innovation that began with The Sopranos, the best new HBO shows are edgy stories filled with complex characters. Since 2019, many new HBO shows have premiered that have garnered both cult followings and critical acclaim. What are the best TV shows on HBO right now? Vote below to help decide.


What shows will you find here? Chernobyl is a hit due to its combination of horror, drama, and history. Sharp Objects, based on the bestselling novel of the same name, is a thrilling murder/mystery series. There are multiple newer shows on HBO that have already made an impression with just a few seasons. This list includes amazing HBO shows like Watchmen, Euphoria, and A Black Lady Sketch Show, all of which have received great amounts of positive critical buzz. HBO miniseries like The Outsider add to the quality content from the original Home Box Office.

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