The Best New Live Action Kids TV Shows of the Last Few Years

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Vote up the best kids live-action shows that premiered on or after January 1st, 2019.

Television programs created solely for the entertainment of children are themselves nothing new, but new and current series are created each and every year with some of the best having hit the airwaves as recently as 2019. Shows like those everyone grew up with are still being made fresh and new for children of a new generation with some of the best kids series coming from new, kid-focused studios and channels.

The best live-action shows for kids are easily some of the best series ever made for children, but there are hundreds of amazing programs in this genre to choose from. Offering something different than "kiddie cartoons", live-action kids shows give children everything from role models to wish fulfillment. Sitcoms, game shows, science fiction, and more are created with a young audience in mind. To narrow it down, this list has highlighted the very best of children's live-action series from 2019 and beyond.

This list is only focusing on live-action kids series that premiered their first episode in 2019 or beyond so please vote up your favorite, and don't forget to add any we missed.

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