The Best New Superhero TV Shows Of The Last Few Years

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Vote up the best TV shows centering their stories around superheroes that have premiered their first season on or after January 1, 2019.

With so many great TV series currently airing, we gathered the best superhero TV shows since 2019. Our list of the highest rated superhero shows of the past three years is ranked by viewers from everywhere, so make sure you vote up the best new superhero series on television. What is the best new superhero TV show? 

Featuring new Marvel shows, DC crossovers, animated series, and more, the best recent superhero TV shows include Helstrom, WandaVision, The Boys, Harley Quinn, and Naomi. Disney+'s Marvel series are easily some of the most bingeworthy shows today, while HBO Max's Peacemaker is another must-watch show. One of the best HBO dramas, Watchmen, features many new DC characters. Featuring superheroes like Superman, Ultraman, and their charismatic antagonists, this list of great superhero TV shows of the past few years has something for everyone. 

What are television's best recent superhero shows? Vote up the superhero shows you think are the best to have premiered recently and see where your favorites rank. If your tastes are a little darker, check out the best gritty superhero shows.


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