The Best New TV Characters of the Last Few Years

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Vote up the characters that came to the small screen on or after January 1, 2015, but have already become instant favorites.

Sometimes, a television characters captures the hearts of audiences nearly instantly and some of the best new characters on television did just that. What makes a television character iconic? Archetypes such as the lovable underdog, the smart aleck with a heart of gold, the drifter with a mysterious past, and the reluctant antihero remain consistently loved staples of television. What are the coolest new TV characters? Vote below to decide. 

What characters will you find on this list? Eleven from Stranger Things was instantly beloved when the Netflix series began due to her loyalty to her friends and special powers. Kimmy Schmidt is fun and friendly, but it was the eternally quotable Titus Andromedon who became the breakout character of the series. Emotionally complex antiheros, like Rebecca Bunch and Madeline Martha Mackenzie, have also become fan favorites. Other good new TV characters include Neal Gamby, Jane Chapman, and Dr. Robert Ford.

Do you have a favorite TV character from a new show? Give the best roles a thumbs up and add anyone you feel is missing. 

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