The Best Newer TV Shows The Whole Family Can Enjoy

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In the age of reality television and gritty dramas, it may surprise some to learn that some of the best family shows have premiered recently as well. For every Breaking Bad, there's a Big Hero 6: The Series or A Series of Unfortunate Events. If you're searching for some good family shows on now, look no further than this list to find everything from great family cartoons to family-friendly sitcoms and other great new kids shows to watch with the family.


What are some of the best new family shows to premiere in recent history? The Mysterious Benedict Society, based off the popular book series, is available to stream on Netflix. The Baby-Sitters Club brings back beloved characters both parents and kids grew up with, in the perfect show to bond over. The Not Too Late Show With Elmo on HBO Max brings a kid's favorite to a new format that is made for becoming part of the bedtime routine. Other good new family friendly shows include Amphibia, The Owl House and Harriet The Spy.

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