The Best NFL Offenses of All Time

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The old saying is that defense wins championships, and offense wins games. This might be the case, but the adage goes out the window when you field one of the best NFL offenses of all time. Take a nostalgic trip down memory lane as you rank some of the most electric NFL offenses ever, featuring teams from all different eras of football.

You'll find many of the best NFL offenses are led by some of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, such as Tom Brady, Steve Young, Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Kurt Warner, and John Elway. It's nearly impossible to have one of the best offenses in NFL history without an great quarterback.

Go ahead and enjoy highlights from each team as you rank the best NFL offenses of all time, and when you are finished, head on over and vote on the best football players ever.

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  • 2013 Denver Broncos
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    2013 Denver Broncos

    Led by Peyton Manning and his NFL records of 55 touchdown passes and 5,477 passing yards, the 2013 Broncos also set NFL records with 606 total points and 76 touchdowns.

    Unfortunately, as the adage goes, defense wins championships. The electric Broncos offense was stuffed in the Super Bowl 43-8 by the No. 1 defense of the Seattle Seahawks.

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  • 2007 New England Patriots
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    2007 New England Patriots

    The 2007 Patriots scored 589 points thanks in part to Tom Brady's 50 touchdown passes. Both statistics were NFL records until being broken by the 2013 Broncos.

    The '07 Patriots have the dubious distinction of producing only the second 16-0 season in NFL history. The more memorable number is 18-1, as the Patriots were unable to overcome the New York Giants in the Super Bowl to complete the undefeated campaign.

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  • 2001 St. Louis Rams
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    2001 St. Louis Rams

    The Greatest Show on Turf went 14-2 on its way to a second Super Bowl appearance in three years. The Rams also became the first NFL team to rack up over 500 points in three consecutive seasons.

    Despite losing the Super Bowl to the Patriots, this Rams team still goes down as one of the best NFL offenses of all time.

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  • 1999 St. Louis Rams
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    1999 St. Louis Rams

    The 1999 Rams ushered in the "Greatest Show on Turf" era, led by Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk and Isaac Bruce. The team rode its 33 points per game all the way to a Super Bowl victory over the Tennessee Titans thanks to "The Tackle."

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  • 1984 Miami Dolphins
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    1984 Miami Dolphins

    In 1984, Dan Marino threw for 5,084 yards in a season where only two other teams managed to throw for over 4,000 yards. Think about that for a second!

    Marino also threw an NFL-record 48 touchdowns while nobody else in the league threw more than 32. It was a historic season that changed the way NFL offenses are measured forever.

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  • 1998 Denver Broncos
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    1998 Denver Broncos

    John Elway, Terrell Davis and the 1998 Denver Broncos racked up 501 points on their way to producing what was at the time, the third-highest scoring season in NFL history. The Minnesota Vikings of that same year were the only ones to surpass that point total.

    However, the 14-2 Broncos brought home their second consecutive Super Bowl, which would wind up being John Elway's final game.

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