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football players The Best NFL Running Backs of All Time  

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Barry Sanders Running back - Great Speed and moves played on a terrible team and it says alot when he ran for the most negative yards in history and still is 3rd all time in yards if he has the if you switch him with Emmit Smith( 1st all time in yards) ...

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Walter Payton Running back - The hardest working most dedicated player in history! All time leading rusher when h retired with more than  16,000 yards. Some of the early bear teams he played on where terrible and the oppenent new if they stop payton ...

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Gale Sayers Running back, Return specialist - Barring Barry Sanders NOBODY is comparible to his speed and Elusivenss.His play is often over looked because of his relationship with Brian Piccolo but truth is Sayers was amazing and Piccolo was average at best.

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Jim Brown Running back, Fullback - Jim Brown was the original "Beast". He was just a brute running the ball and he also had open field speed. Brown like Barry Sander played 9 years and decided to hang it up in his prime.If Brown would've playd 5 ...

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O. J. Simpson Running back - O.J was just sick with the football. He played in the crappy conditions in Buffalo crappy teams and the time when he played 2,000 yards was impossible. Yet O.J did it. He was just so long and fast he was extremely ...