21 Savage Tweets That Prove Wendy's Twitter Is The Best Twitter

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When Wendy's isn't serving you fresh-never-frozen beef at the drive-thru, they're serving it on your timeline. Wendy's Twitter page packs a punch as cold as a frosty, and the best Wendy's tweets feel as satisfying as a "4 for $4" meal.

Before it started to burn other fast food restaurants on Twitter, the Wendy's Twitter account performed in a similar manner to what one expects from a fast food joint with a Pippi Longstocking lookalike as the mascot: pretty sure of itself, but also non-confrontational. But somewhere along the way, Wendy's tweets shifted from brand promotion to beef promotion, and not the edible kind. Thankfully, savage Wendy's tweets give buyers a whole new reason to appreciate Wendy's, in the same way that Taco Bell's Twitter adds to the T-Bell experience.

Wendy's always stood out as a franchise because of the weird way they make their patties (and their delicious breakfast menu), and now they stand out for their honest approach to business and customer service. Where else will let you slide through both a drive-through and a DM? It's way better than fast food - it's Wendy's Twitter beef.