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Ashley Reign
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Have you recently begun to suspect that - despite reassurances from your ex - it really is you, and not them? Are you lacking an engagement ring, plans for Friday night, and a spooning partner? Have you been single for so long that you've started to feel actual rage every time one of your Facebook friends posts a new picture with his or her fiancé? If you've convinced yourself that there's absolutely nothing sad or pathetic about listening to "All the Single Ladies" on repeat, this list might be for you. Twitter users have started describing reasons why you might still be single in five words or less, and we've put together a collection of the best of them.  

Aptly hash tagged  #youmightbesinglein5words, this new trend is packed full of funny Tweets explaining why you're still totally alone. It's not only a goldmine for answer-seeking singles, but it's also a convenient way to give your other single friends a gentle - yet hilarious - hint. If your older brother is still totally convinced that his action figures are not the reason why he hasn't brought anyone special to Thanksgiving for the past five years, or your best friend is constantly getting c*ckblocked by his cats, it might be time for you to slip one of these "You might be single..." jokes into their inbox.

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You Define "Spring Cleaning" as Running the Dish Washer

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You're a Total Pimp in a Kingdom That Only Exists Online

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Your Cat Is More Popular Than You Are

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Your OB-GYN Visit Is the Most Action You've Gotten in Years

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