The Best Original Superhero Movies

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Vote up the best movies that feature never-before-seen, new superheroes.

Want to watch movies that feature superheroes not based on an existing comic book series or franchise? Then this list is for you. You'll find superheroes that made their first appearance on the silver screen. If you're tired drawn-out superhero franchises or reboots and want more movies like Unbreakable, check out the list below for viewing recommendations. The movies on this list span several genres including dark comedy, teen movies, and action films. This list also has indie films such as Super with Rain Wilson and larger productions like Hancock with Will Smith. Needless to say, these are great standalone superhero movies.

There are more superhero movies out there than the Marvel and DC films that have taken over the box office. If you like foreign superhero films, be sure to look up Silver Hawk and Black Mask. You can also watch a nerd be transformed into a superhero from radioactive waste in The Toxic Avenger. But which original superhero movie will make it to the top of the list? You get to decide with your votes. Vote up the movies you like and vote down the ones you thought were super duds.  

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