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The Best Songs in Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2

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All right all you weirdos! It’s time to stop your horizontal running and listen up because you’re about to get pitch slapped! Have you ever gotten into arguments with your fellow acca-nerds where your friend was like, “Das Sound Machine’s performance of Uprising and Tsunami totally gave me life!” and then you were like, “Acca- scuse me? The Riff off from Pitch Perfect has the best music!” and then your third friend was like, “No way! The Bella’s final performance in Pitch Perfect was hands down the best!” and your other friend was like, “You guys are all wrong because the World Championship finale is the best song from both of these movies!”

Well it’s finally time to put all the debate to rest. Get control of your toners losers because now you have a chance to decide the best songs from Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect Two. Which song from these movies were your favorite and which songs could you have definitely lived without hearing? Were the mashups your all-time favorite songs or are you the type of a capella boy or a capella girl that prefers single covers? Did you like the original songs from the movies, or did you prefer the acca-wonderful covers of your favorite song? Did the low voices of the Trebles provide you with a total eargasm or was it the perfect melodies of Das Sound Machine’s songs? Now’s your chance to decide. Can you acca-believe it?!? Well you better because the voting starts in… drum roll my liege… 3…2…1! Go!