The Best Places to Meet Women

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Here it is: the definitive list of the best places to meet women, ranked by ladies and dudes alike. Where do you go to meet women and girls that you would want to date? Single life is tough. If you're flying solo, you have probably already tried to go to the typical spots where you can meet girls: bars and clubs. Though it's possible to meet women in these places, it's kind of a crapshoot, no? And you never really want to say you met your girlfriend at a bar. It comes off as sleazy, desperate, even creepy... So what are the best places to meet women you don't already know?

The best way to meet a girl is through activities, doing what you are interested in, and through mutual friends. Putting yourself in a situation where you are doing activities with groups allows you to establish common ground with women and get to know them over a period of time, rather than try to best them with your one-liners. Tips on how to meet women: try to get out as much as possible, stay active and get your single friends together for group activities. Vote on this list of ideas for how to meet a girlfriend and add any places that have worked for you. 

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  • A Friend of a Friend
    897 votes

    A Friend of a Friend

  • An Organized Group Activity
    1,215 votes

    An Organized Group Activity

    Camping, rafting, fishing... Have your friends bring THEIR friends.
  • College
    1,075 votes


  • A Volunteer Group
    1,248 votes

    A Volunteer Group

    Build shared experiences... and women think altruism is sexy. 
  • Party
    521 votes
  • School
    307 votes