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The Best PlayStation 4 Simulation Games

Updated 23 Jul 2019 600 votes 200 voters 9.2k views

It's surprising how many PS4 sim games there are, considering that simulation games are usually found on PC. This list ranks some of the best PlayStation 4 simulation games, including Kerbal Space Program, Farming Simulator 15, and even I am Bread. One PlayStation 4 sim game that critics are really enjoying is Overcooked, a top-down arcade game where you work with a partner to prep food and cook meals for people. It's way more fun with a partner, as you'll find yourselves frantically giving each other instructions as you try to prepare you ingredients and not burn your food.

Do you have a favorite simulation game for PlayStation 4? A lot of these are actually car games, but they fall into the sim category in different ways. Vote up the best PS4 simulation games, and downvote any you've played and didn't like.

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