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The Best Pony Cars

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A list of the best pony cars ranked by you. These are true pony cars, not muscle cars, and none of those new plastic toys claiming to be pony cars. If you're looking for GTO's and Chargers then check out my ranked Muscle Car list. Pony cars are smaller, blue-collar, fuel guzzling machines. They're loud, exciting machines that corner only slightly better than their muscle car older brothers. Gear-heads wouldn't have it any other way. Two doors and rear wheel drive are standard. Tracks are fine, but these cars are at their best when drag racing between the lights.

The first pony car was the Ford Mustang. The success of the Mustang was immense and now it is a classic that has never come out of the spotlight. Following the success of the Mustang came many other pony cars from almost every other American automobile manufacturer. The most notable competitor is the Chevrolet Camaro.Some modern pony cars include the Ford Mustang GT as well as the Chevrolet Camaro SS. These cars are truly timeless as they have never faded away from popularity. There is not a real man in the world who wouldn't love to have one of these cars. Lately the whole world has been focused on what is new and shiny rather than focusing on what is true and great. Pony cars are a huge part of American history and we can't forget about that otherwise we are forgetting where we came from. If you are looking for a pony car or even if you just want to learn the history of these cars check out this list and you won't be disappointed.