The Best Post-Interception Quarterback Faces

The best post-interception quarterback faces are those hilariously goofy, sad or angry faces our favorite quarterbacks in the NFL make after a bad throw. While even the best quarterbacks in the NFL right now throw an interception or two from time to time, some react to the mistakes much more ridiculously than others.These funny quarterback faces have inspired memes, gifs and entire websites dedicated to them. Few however have been more often seen as the Manning face. Through the stern looks given by Peyton Manning and the frequent and beyond goofy faces by Eli Manning, these brothers take the cake for post-interception faces. It helps that Eli throws 10 or more picks per year each season since 2005, including 15 in the first six games of 2013.But you don't have to be a Manning to make a hilarious face after an interception. Some, like Philip Rivers and Andy Dalton contort their faces into pure hilarity. Some look utterly confused, like Aaron Rodgers, Brett Favre and Jay Cutler. Others, like Tom Brady get really mad. But perhaps the best ones are those who pout, even cry, on the sidelines after their error. Tony Romo, Joe Flacco and Tim Tebow are all great at that with images of their tearful pouting regularly circling the Internet.No quarterback is immune to a bad throw once in a while but only these guys, many among the best quarterbacks of all time, do it so ungracefully to make this list. Have a favorite quarterback face? Add it below or vote for your favorites on this list of the best post-interception quarterback faces!