The Best Prison Movies

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Films set in prison or jails or that star prisoners or convicts.

The best prison movies on this list are the top jail films of all time. These are movies that take place within or around a penitentiary and they tend to range across several generations. This prison movies list also includes some famous prison escape movies, as the action sometimes revolves around a convict's escape attempt.

Jails create an interesting setting for filmmakers. Since prisons are self-encapsulated, prisons tend to form their own societies with their own rules, hierarchies, and etiquette. As such, the prisons become a veritable island for the prisoners inside.

The good prison films on this list are some of the best that Hollywood has to offer, so there is bound to be at least one or two on here that you will enjoy. Make sure to vote for the greatest prison films that are your favorites, it doesn't matter if they are old or new. Then if you don't like the order, feel free to rerank the list.

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