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The Greatest PS3 Games of All Time

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While Sony didn't dominate the console war as much with the PlayStation 3 as done preivoisly with the PlayStation 2 there was still an outstanding number of games released for the PS3. Sony stepped-up its third PlayStation into something that today sits in the hearts of players. Much of this is due to the fantastic games that were on the system. What follows is the list of the best games that can be found on the PS3. It's time now to look at the most incredible experiences it gave us. Even with much of the list largely established, this list can be updated. Which makes choosing the best games released on the PS3 your job. The list below aims to show you the best games for the PS3, and includes huge AAA hits, exclusive titles, and much more. Do you agree with everyone's choices? Tell everyone in the comments below the list what you think.