The Best Rap Movies

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Movies must feature rap as a plot point.

The best rap movies tend to be biopics about rappers but there are also finctional comedies too. This list includes movies that feature all types of rap: east coast, west coast, gangsta, hip hop, pop, etc. While rap itself might not be for everyone, the films that use rap as a central theme are surprisingly accessible. 8 Mile is not just a great rap movie, it's great film in general. While the majority of the films on this list are dramas, some are also comedies. If you enjoy rap, rappers, hip-hop, or movies in general, you're bound to love more than just a few of the films on this list.

You get to help decide which of these rap films gets to be at the top of the list. Vote up your favorite movies and feel free to rerank this list if you aren't happy with the current rankings.

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