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The Best Record Labels Of 2014 - Magnetic Magazine

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List RulesMust be an active record label releasing one of the subgrenes of electronic dance music. All new additions to list must have a photo or they will be deleted.

What was the best label of 2014 in electronic dance music?  We’ve selected few of our favorites here at the Magnetic office, but we are sure you all have your own personal preferences, so add them in.

It can be any label that falls under the electronic dance music (EDM) umbrella term- house, techno, drum and bass. trance, down tempo, experimental, dubstep, future bass, etc.  We are looking at overall consistency of the label in 2014- as well as their contribution to the scene as a whole.

So do you like the smaller indie labels or the majors when it comes to getting new music?  Well it's all up to you here-- as you can vote and add in your favorite label.

We are going to be rolling out the categories for Magnetic’s Best Of 2014 over the next few days, so come back often to make sure your favorites are represented and voted on.


NOTE: Any additions must include the label's logo and are subject to editorial discretion to make sure they are legit.  Additions to the list without a logo will be deleted.

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    PascovskiVictor added

    Armed Recordings is a label founded in 2014 in the electronic music landscape.Their main purpose is to promote,at an international level,the EDM phenomenon.

    This new label is the resoult of the great success that the three young Roumanians: Pascovski V. & The Manager,gained with their first release entitled "Armed", wich brought them the access on the international charts and the signing of a management contract with the famous label Spinnin` Records.

    Support from:
    Spinnin' Records
    Kenneth G 
    Team Bastian
    DJ Amely
    Antonio Giacca
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    ClubGMusica added

    Discover The New World Sound™. Club G Music’s mission is based on the passion for music and ability to interpret words with sound.

    Club G Music is an independent record company, representing many different types of electronic music. Club G is family oriented, all members believe in instilling and increadible work ethic. For the love of electronic music that lead us to our destinations.


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    HeshamAbdelNasser added

    (Trance Temple Records) is an Egyptian Independent Music Records Label founded in 2013, specialized in releasing Electronic Dance Music, Mainly focused on releasing top and fresh Trance music, Primarily uplifting trance and also other sub-genres of Trance. Based in Egypt.

    From the beginning and we are aiming to give a chance to all those talented producers who find difficult to release their music, we are here to help them to release their productions and spread their sounds all over the world, we are always searching for upcoming talents and willing to help them expand their musical careers, we are here to keep trance alive and preserve the sound of trance.

    (Trance Temple Records) Supported by : Armin Van Buuren, Alex M.O.R.P.H, Antillas, Ferry Tayle, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Manuel Le Saux, Paul Oakenfold, Pedro Del Mar, Roger Shah, Ruben De Ronde, Solarstone, Sied Van Riel, Sneijder, Talla 2XLC, Woody van Eyden Plus many more. Also got supported from big Radio Station : Electric Area SiriusXM Radio

    If you are interested to be one of our artists please submit your finished works using our soundcloud dropbox or by e-mail providing a download link to your track and try to include all your details, links to previews works when submitting a track and keep your work exclusive as possible. Submit demos to :

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