The Best Movies About Getting Revenge

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Movies must contain a revenge plot.

A list of the best revenge movies. These are the best revenge films ever made. If you believe we missed something that should be on the list of the best revenge movies of all time. Revenge is a dish best served cold... it also can be one of the most satisfying events to witness first hand in these good revenge thrillers. This makes "vengeance" a fantastic theme for movies about revenge and some of them are even particularly violent. This list of revenge films includes all genres, even revenge horror movies, although most of them are going to be action or dramas.

If a suspenseful revenge plot is on your agenda for the day, be sure to check out these top revenge films. We're not saying vengeance or payback is always the answer, but if you're into films that make you grin with schadenfreude then these are the movies for you! A few are even available on Netflix. This revenge movies list is ranked in order of votes, so vote for the best revenge thrillers so they rise to the top.

What is your top revenge movie? Take a look at this revenge movies list and vote for the movie you think is the best. Then check back as new revent movies are added to the list.

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