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A list of the best Robin Hood movies. All of the best Robin Hood films have been included, but if you believe we missed one, please feel free to add it to the list yourself. Robin Hood movies have been popular for over a century now, with the first one being made in 1908. The "Robin Hood" we know of today, as a merry outlaw, actually comes from the book "Ivanhoe", which was published in the early 1800s.

As the cheerful scoundrel with a heart of gold, it was inevitable that this character would end up in the movies. Robin Hood is also a story packed with its own lore and icons such as Sherwood Forest, Little John and his fight on river, Friar Tuck, the split arrow, Maid Marion, King Richard, and of course... the Sheriff of Nottingham. Many of these Robin Hood films fall into the action or drama categories, but there are some lighter Robin Hood films in the mix as well.

What is the best Robin Hood movie? Well that depends solely on your interpretation and what are your viewing tastes are. Do you like Kevin Costner or Russell Brand as Robin Hood? Or if you like comedy, you should see Mel Brooks's take with Robin Hood: Men In Tights.

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The Adventures of Robin Hood Olivia de Havilland, Errol Flynn, Claude Rains - Released: 1938

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Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves Morgan Freeman, Sean Connery, Kevin Costner - Released: 1991

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Robin Hood: Men in Tights Patrick Stewart, Mel Brooks, Dave Chappelle - Released: 1993

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Robin and Marian Audrey Hepburn, Sean Connery, Richard Harris - Released: 1976

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Ivanhoe Elizabeth Taylor, Joan Fontaine, George Sanders - Released: 1982

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wawwhite1 added Robin Hood Cate Blanchett, Russell Crowe, Mark Strong

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Sword of Sherwood Forest Oliver Reed, Peter Cushing, Nigel Green - Released: 1960

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Time Bandits Sean Connery, John Cleese, Ian Holm - Released: 1981

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Robin Hood Ringo Starr, Peter Ustinov, Graham Chapman - Released: 2010

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The Story of Robin Hood and His Merrie Men Richard Todd, Peter Finch, Michael Hordern - Released: 1952

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Tales of Robin Hood Released: 1951